Kidlit Spotlight: My Superhero Grandpa by Anitra Rowe Schulte- September 9, 2017-Moms and dads seeking a way to talk to their kids about a grandparent who has passed could find great comfort in My Superhero Grandpa by Michele McAvoy.  The warm, vibrantly illustrated book is up-beat, comforting and tender, and the simple prose gives straightforward, positive descriptions of a heavenly grandparent's unique role. It would be a great book to read with a child who has recently lost a beloved grandparent, or with a child whose grandparent passed before his or her birth. 


Jigsaw Parenting- "The Mummy Blog with a Difference"- My Superhero Grandpa Helps Children Cope with Loss-  April 2, 2016 by Emma White.
"If a child can gain some form of comfort from death then that's a miracle and this book does just that."

The Adventures of "But Mom"- "Rockin Our Extraordinary Lifestyle"- Emotional Resources: Helping Kids Learn About Emotions.- "Michele McAvoy wrote a book called My Superhero Grandpa which tells a heart warming story of a boy whose grandpa is a "Super Hero" because he watches over their family from heaven.  It is exactly the kind of hope and happy thoughts you'd want your children to think of in times of sadness."  

Happy Healthy Thrifty Family- What We Are Reading- May 2016- "This picture book is awesome for helping a child deal with the loss of their Grandpa. My kids lost one of their grandparents two years ago and this book would have been incredibly helpful."  

Inspired Bookshelf- June 12, 2016- "My Superhero Grandpa is a simple, straightforward way to comfort children who have either lost a grandparent or have a grandparent that died before they were born."  

Book Worm For Kids- June 14, 2016- "This is a book which helps kids cope with death by portraying the lost one as an ever-watching, invisible superhero. Kids will have no trouble grasping the concept and will be left smiling when they are done."  

The Reading Corner- July 31, 2016- "I was blown away by its simplistic, yet wonderful approach to the way a child would/should view the death of a loved one. Just imagine if in your heart of hearts, you absolutely knew that your loved one always watched over you. .  . I have to say that as I read the book I couldn't help but smile. . . This book made me feel safe." 

Growing Book By Book, Nurturing Our Youngest Readers- September 26, 2016- Books for Kids on Death and Grief; "My Superhero Grandpa by Michele McAvoy helps kids visualize that even through Grandpa is in Heaven, he can still share his super powers with us."  


Mercedes Fox Books - Mercedes Fox interviewed Michele McAvoy to discuss her inspiration for My Superhero Grandpa and her process for writing children's stories (while juggling work, children and life!). Please click below for the full interview (April 20, 2016).

Idea Creations Blog Spot- Interview with An author- Michele McAvoy- May 2016

Idea Creations Blog Spot- "Friday Flicks"-  My Superhero Grandpa book trailer featured on friday April 29, 2016. 

The Italian American Experience- January 8, 2017- Michele McAvoy featured in the Story Segment. (The interview begins at 34 minutes).


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